Interview with Kate Moore – curator of Handmade Homegrown concert series

Interview – Kate Moore

by Sytze Schalk


‘Lots of rich harmony and rhythm. I love rhythm.

Kate Moore - curator of Handmade Homegrown

Kate Moore – curator of Handmade Homegrown



Composer Kate Moore came all the way from Sydney, Australia, to study at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, and never went back! This year she celebrates her tenth anniversary in The Netherlands with ‘Handmade Homegrown’, a special series of ten concerts in Theater Dakota.

S: What’s your background?


K: I grew up in Sydney, studied in Canberra, and once I finished my studies I came here to do my masters at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, several years ago. Since then I’ve met many amazing people from all over the world, who also came here to study. I’ve stayed in touch with a lot of them, some who have gone back to their own countries. By keeping in contact I have a connection with all these places in the world. I love to hear about what my colleagues are up to and seeing their careers evolve in different ways.

For this season, to celebrate my tenth year here, but also that network of wonderful people, I came up with an idea to present ten concerts, bringing them all back again. So it’s a once a month concert series, and each one will feature a different bunch of artists.

S: What made you come to The Netherlands?


K: The music scene in Australia is of a high quality but it’s tiny. So most of us, at some point go to Europe, Asia or America to make a connection with a bigger scene. For me, it was coming to Holland, because the music scene here is world famous. The other thing that made me help my choice is that my mother’s Dutch, so I’m half Dutch. Coming here was a way to reconnect with my heritage.

S: Can you tell a little more about the concerts you will be doing here this season?


K: Every concert is different of course! Generally my music comes from the heart, and it’s really energetic.  I love big, rich soundworlds that you can immerse yourself in with lots of rich harmony and lots of rhythm. I love rhythm.

The idea for the concerts is to concentrate on people who do it for themselves, who can create and perform their own thing. So each concert is unique in the same way that each person is very different. It’s all about colourful personalities.

S: What attracts you to a venue like Dakota?


K: I like the versatility of this space. There is a big traditional theatre, but you also get lots of other intriguing open spaces as well. I’m attracted to the studio space on level two! I love the original artworks by Willem Hussem and the acoustic is pretty good up there. For what I do, making new music, using acoustic instruments, it works better in a space like the studio than in a big concert hall. You can position the performers and audience where you want and chose how and where to place chairs if any at all. It could be an installation or a spatial electroacoustic setting or a traditional chamber setting. Theater Dakota is on the other side of town. Usually a lot of shows happen in the centre, so I like that this is in a completely different part of the city and a new and fresh audience.

S: Why should people come and experience one of your concerts?


K: I think creating music is a very entertaining way of bringing people together. It’s like sculpture of visual art, but it actually fills the whole space, and you can live inside it seeing it unfold and evolve around you. I find that extremely exciting. I would say that people shouldn’t just come to one concert, but to all ten concerts, to really get the complete picture, and ‘collect’ all the different guests.

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