World of sound – The Final Frontier – an invitation

I am really excited to announce a new concert series happening at Theater Dakota in The Hague. The series, an artist-run initiative, features a colourful conglomeration of quirky, exciting and inspiring musicians, local and international, who have made waves in the city. It is a pleasure to invite them back once again to envelope us with labyrinths of intriguing sounds and spaces, worlds beyond the frontier – places that have never before been encountered. These people, magicians and intrepid pioneer explorers, open doors to the unseen and untouched, places filled with suspense and intrigue, mystery and sound-wave treasures found in our imagination. It is a pleasure to invite you to join us on a journey, on many journeys into the unknown, the final frontier, the mysterious world of sound…


Kate Moore (composer/ curator ‘Handmade Homegrown’)


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